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AXIA GT-Ix (1988 JP)

AXIA GT-Ix (1988 JP)

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Another hidden gem from Axia. This is the predecessor to the AU-Ix, one of our all time favorites and a serious contender for the prestigious Super Ferric badge.

This is high fidelity at its best. Deep tight bass, crystal clear highs, and heart-melting mid range voices. As all type I tapes, it produces slightly more hiss than type II and type IV, but we feel that it adds to the experience, not take away from it. If you disagree, just turn on Dolby NR...

This is the first generation GT series and provides an amazing value for money like many other Axia tapes.

The Ultimate Catalog of Audio Cassette Blank Tapes quotes the original Axia marketing text:

  • "High dynamic range: Adoption of newly developed magnetic material Beridox GT TYPE I and SMIO technology achieve reduction of noise level while increasing MOL. In addition, it has excellent N.R. aptitude and is ideal for digital sources.
  • Turbo response: Reproduces sound with a sharp attack and a sense of speed.
  • Full time digital drive, new HD mechanism: Newly developed high polymer sigma half for heat resistance, cold resistance, and vibration resistance.
    It has excellent vibration damping and rigidity, and demonstrates the best sound quality and running performance even in car audio, which has the harshest sound field space."
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