Collection: Axia Cassette Tapes

Axia was a brand of audio cassettes produced by the Japanese company Fuji. Beginning in 1985, Fuji produced high-quality cassettes under the name Axia that were marketed in Japan exclusively.
The decision to use the Axia brand name for the domestic market was made in the early '80s, with the Fuji name being used for exports. Axia cassettes were notable for their distinctive packaging and branding, which aimed to appeal to a younger demographic in Japan. The brand contributed to the culture of music recording and sharing that was prevalent during the cassette's heyday.

The Axia cassettes were known for their quality and were part of Fuji's broader efforts to cater to the audio recording market, offering a range of products from normal bias (Type I) to high bias (Type II) and metal (Type IV) cassettes. These cassettes were designed to provide consumers with a variety of recording options, from everyday use to high-fidelity applications.

Over the years, Axia cassettes have become collectible items, especially for those interested in the history of audio recording and vintage audio equipment. The brand's association with Fuji ensured a reputation for quality and reliability in the analog recording media market.

Although little known outside of Japan, Axia makes some of the finest sounding tapes that offer unbelievable value for money. From their entry level type I, and up to their top of the line Master tapes, we love them and invite you to try them for yourself.

Kudos to user 'backlash' on the forums for providing this chronological map of Axia and Fuji complete history.