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AXIA PS-IIx (1988 JP)

AXIA PS-IIx (1988 JP)

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This tape is one of our top choices for a high-midrange type II. This is the first generation of the PS-x series that became known for providing superb quality and even better value for money.

The Ultimate Catalog of Audio Compact Cassette Blank Tapes quotes Axia's marketing text for this tape (translated from Japanese...) which is spot on:

"Deep and dense mid and low frequencies: Medium and especially digital sources, which contain the most vocal and instrumental sounds, contain a lot of sound energy components. The PS-IIx is compatible with digital sources by increasing the mid-low frequency MOL by 0.5 dB (compared to the PS-IIs). The PS-IIx expresses the mid-low range more richly.

High-level Takao MOL: The mid- and high-frequency range contains the sound component that determines the color of the sound. The PS-IIx has high Takao MOL, which captures all overtone components and even the reverberations are beautiful.

Noise reduction: The noise reduction function is fully utilized by optimizing the tape and minimizing level movement while maintaining high MOL and low noise.

Taping: Designed for high sensitivity and extremely little degradation of sound quality due to a reduction in high output or changes in frequency bandwidth after taping.
Beautiful sound When the twin-crystal high-polymer half-half is beautiful, the sound is also beautiful. Of course, the half halves have excellent resistance to heat, cold and vibration damping. Together with the mechanism of the running system, noise is kept to an absolute minimum."

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