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AXIA AU-II (1991 JP)

AXIA AU-II (1991 JP)

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We are in love with Axia tapes, and so will you after you hear them sing.

The AU series is Axia's premium line. This tape is the so called 'entry level' tape of the type II AU line, but we can assure you there is nothing 'entry level' about its construction, nor its sound. We are not alone. Many users who have shared their experiences on platforms like praise the AU-II for its outstanding performance.

The 'DC' designation stands for double coated. Yes, double coated type II tape that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

We will be posting a detailed review on this tape in the near future, but don't wait for it. Try it out for yourself, get your mind blown, and then we'll invite you to try its sibling higher up the ladder, the AU-IIx that features Axia's AER mechanism.

Consider yourself warned - once you try Axia (or Fuji) tapes for the first time, there is no going back...

The Audiochrome blog posted these measurements of the AU-II:

  • Relative bias: -0.5
  • Relative sensitivity: +1.2dB
  • THD @ Dolby level: 0.50%
  • MOL400(1%) : +2.5dB
  • MOL400(3%): +5.9dB
  • MOL1k(3%): +5.8dB
  • SOL10k: -3.1dB
  • Bias noise: -54.9dB, -59.2dB(A)
  • Dynamic range: 65.1dB
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