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AXIA PS-IIs (1988 JP)

AXIA PS-IIs (1988 JP)

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This is the second best type II of this series, surpassed only by the more expensive PS-IIx

The Ultimate Catalog of Audio Compact Cassette Blank Tapes quotes Axia's marketing material for this tape which we find to be spot on:

"Axia's new double orientation technology brings out the full potential of this high-energy, low-noise, ultra-fine magnetic particle material. The finer the magnetic particles, the more easily they are disrupted by repulsive forces between them, and the performance of ultra-fine magnetic particles cannot be fully exploited with conventional one-time orientation. The new PS-S uses double orientation to align the magnetic material and achieves the world's highest angular ratio. The performance of the ultra-fine magnetic particles is fully exploited to create a high-power magnetic layer that captures the sound of a CD. Double orientation changes the sound of cassettes... The PS-IIS offers high resolution and beautiful transparency. High fidelity sound suitable for digital sound sources. The wide dynamic range ensures that rich bass and overtone components up to ultra-high frequencies in CD sources are captured. High MOL Combines low noise with maximum tape sensitivity, shaping up noise reduction suitability for CDs. Double orientation further enhances dubbing characteristics. Running PS (Precision and Silence) mechanism for clear CD sound by suppressing noise and modulation noise. Precision and Silence mechanism. Driving stability has also been dramatically improved. Driving stability has also been dramatically improved."

You can find the technical specs measured by the Audiochrome blog.

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