Collection: Daiso Cassette Tapes

Daiso Industries Co., Ltd. (株式会社大創産業, Kabushiki gaisha Daisōsangyō, also written as ダイソー) is a large franchise of 100-yen shops founded in Japan. Its headquarters are in Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Daiso has a range of over 100,000 products, of which over 40% are imported, many from China, South Korea and Japan. Many of their products are household items such as kitchenware and cleaning products. Daiso has locations in 25 countries and regions worldwide.

Daiso was originally opened as a street vending shop with 100-yen products, known as “Yano Shoten", by Hirotake Yano in 1972. He later founded Daiso in 1977.