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TDK MA-XG (1990 JP)

TDK MA-XG (1990 JP)

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All 90-minute tapes of these “Fermo” MA-XG suffer from lubricant/binder drying, leading to the infamous “white powder syndrome.” The B Stock tapes we offer show very minor signs of this issue, though we've yet to see one entirely free from it. We have confirmed that these tapes can be cleaned and re-lubricated after which they perform as new.

The 46 and 60-minute versions are less susceptible, and those we offer are clean. However, please be aware there is no guarantee that they won’t develop this syndrome in the future. The original 1985 MA-XG uses a different formulation that doesn't have this problem.

* the 46 B Stock suffers from wrapper damage but no white powder syndrome 

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