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BASF Professional I-II-III Collectors' Set

BASF Professional I-II-III Collectors' Set

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A charming trio of NOS classic 1976-1978 90 minutes BASF Professional cassette tapes; a type I normal bias tape, a type II chrome high bias tape, and the rarest type III Ferrichrome tape!

Three cassette tapes, a ferric, a chrome, and a ferrochrome, walk into a bar.
The bartender looks at them and says, "What's this, a mixtape?"
The ferric responds, "Yeah, we're here to unwind."
The chrome chimes in, "Make mine a double, I like to stay high on the bias."
And the ferrochrome adds, "I'll just blend in with these two."
The bartender serves their drinks and says, "Just don't let things get too distorted tonight, okay?

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