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Ampex 362 Extended Frequency (1972-1974 US)

Ampex 362 Extended Frequency (1972-1974 US)

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From the (click worthy) Ampex 362 original ad:

"Egad, what sound! What spectrum! What fidelity! At last, I can use the full range, the maximum frequency response of my magnificent stereo system. Yes, a medium to match my music. Absolutely smashing!
What's more, those clever rascals at Ampex have increased output with a smaller particle black oxide formula. They've reduced noise with super -smooth Ferrosheen® tape. They
call it Extended Frequency. I call it marvelous. And, the packaging is so handsome it complements every piece of my fine equipment.
Ah, quality sound with cassette convenience for just a bit more than two dollars each.
Ask your Ampex dealer to demonstrate the new Extended Frequency cassettes, another quality product in a full line of recording tapes; open reel, 8 -track cartridges and standard cassettes. But, don't wear your glasses."

This is the 'full wood' case design, rarer than the partial wood with the ampex logo stripe.

We didn't try to record on these, therefore they are being sold for collectors only.

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