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ATR Magnetics specializes in the production of analog recording tape. It was founded in 1996 by Michael Spitz, a former employee of Ampex. ATR Magnetics has established itself as a respected name among audiophiles and professional audio engineers.
Michael Spitz, who had been involved in the magnetic tape industry since the 1970s, brought his expertise to ATR Magnetics, ensuring the company's products met high standards for quality.

The company's roots can be traced back to ATR Services, also founded by Mike Spitz in 1991 with the aim of restoring and repairing analog tape recorders. ATR Magnetics continued this legacy by manufacturing professional-grade analog tape, catering to the needs of studios, mastering engineers, and enthusiasts of high-fidelity analog sound.

ATR Magnetics is known for its commitment to the analog recording community, producing tapes that are appreciated for their sound quality and reliability. The company, based in York, Pennsylvania, has been a part of the analog renaissance, providing a critical supply of recording media for those who continue to value the warmth and character of analog sound.

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